How to download music from

I am offering you 2 methods of how to download music from, you can choose whatever you like.

First method - is to download "DJ Vkontakte", install on your computer and use to download music.

Second method - is usage of a browser script.

Every methods has there own pluses and minuses, you can feel it by yourself. Choose that you like. So, method 1 promo page of software DJ Vkontakte:

There are many programs and scripts for downloading music and video, but perhaps the simplest and at the same time a powerful tool is a program DJ Vkontakte. Consider the main features of this software:

  • Seeks not just songs, and music albums at once. For example, you can download about 70 (!!!) albums of the band Queen.
  • Broadcasts many radio charts. Any chart can also be downloaded entirely.
  • You can watch movies and other video vkontakte directly in the program.
  • All files are saved with beautiful names.
  • Music and videos of your friends vkontakte not escape the attention of the program.
  • Finds the lyrics in one click.
  • For all that, program is free!

So here is the link to the official website developers:

хорошая программа, рекомендую

Using this program, I was able to make several thematic playlists. It turned out that the songs you can download and listen to online and most interesting is that ... download

Below you will find a description of the fastest way to download music from the contact - download through a browser script

    The following is a second method of as You can download music from the contact From the search page audio!.   

    For those interested in the details of the described mechanism of the proposed method.

    To download video search pattern similar solutions. Click on the link if you want to know How to download video from

Method 2: Browser script.

1. Open the page in vkontakte with the music, you'll swing.

Open the page with the music on

    2. Copy to the clipboard the below Javascript code , depending on where you want to download music.     

 Music from the page "My music"
 Music from the page "Search Music"

    3. In the window of you have change the URL. Instead of yours insert a Javascript code. Do not forget to press Enter after inserting!

Insert a Javascript code instead of URL and press Enter!

    Attention! If you have a last version of Google Chrome and after inserting of code in the browsre page nothing download, but you get into Google, than Press here.

    4. You feel that nothing happened, but in fact now when you click on the song playback will be offered to download it, no music will not sound. Click and swing to a convenient location on the disk!

Press Play and save on a disk

    5. It may happen that in your Browser QuickTimePlayer. Then we need to save the file by means of the browser.

If opened QuickTimePlayer player, then download a browser menu to select the 'Save as'

    6. Another may be that in your browser Menu is turned off. Then see below for an example of how to bring back for Internet Explorer. In other browsers it is done the same way. Click the right mouse button the upper area of the browser and select the item " menu bar ".

If the menus are unavailable, then turn it on by pressing the right mouse button on the top of your browser.

    7. Downloading music in the browser Chrome. It's simple! After clicking on the Play appears here is a gray box. Click anywhere in the window, right-click and then "Save As".

Downloading music in Chrome.

Now you know how to download music from the . Good luck! Do you have any questions? Write.

To cancel the download script is usually enough to go to a page with music in the contact and press the key combination Ctrl + F5 on the keyboard!

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